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martin lagares

Sculptures, portraits and kisses of Martín Lagares

With a strong spirit and distinguished expressiveness, the sculptor Martín Lagares finds his vocation at age of 15. In her teens, and by chance, a piece of clay fell into her hands and marked the beginning of a great artistic career. A fact preceded by the famous phrase of the Argentine writer Ernesto Sabato: “There are no coincidences but destinies.”

Martín Lagares: sculptor of works full of life

After spending a season in the workshop of the sculptor Joaquin Moreno Daza, he studied fine arts between the University of Seville and the University of Cuenca, being Cuenca where he contacted with the latest artistic trends of the moment.

An experience that led him to set up his own sculpture workshop and start a new stage: monuments orders.

«I love working for custom orders. Adapt the needs of the clients to my art, I take it to my land, I make it mine », the artist tells us.

Portraits and kisses

Martín’s portraits go beyond modelling, is not just transferring physical features to clay. His hands capture the expressiveness, the feelings, the soul. For this reason, it is essential for the sculptor that the person portrayed express himself and act naturally while he is doing his work. So, the kisses?

The series of kisses began as a personal work, the result of the artist’s circumstances. An original leitmotif that has allowed him to develop his creativity during the last three years and impress anybody has face this sculptures.

However, for Martín Lagares, the best is yet to come. The weight of the experience and his creative guide him to a way full of new artistic projects, to tempt your curiosity, we will discover it later.

More information about the works of Martín Lagares at Magasé Art Gallery.

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