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We use different types of cookies for the operation of the website. A part or all of the cookies identified below can be stored in your browser.


Use category

Preferences: These cookies allow our websites to remember information that changes the appearance or behaviour of the site, such as your preferred language or the region in which you are. For example, by remembering your region, a website can provide you with traffic news or local weather bulletins. These cookies also allow you to change the size of the text, the font and other parts of the web pages that you can customize. Losing the information stored in a preference cookie may make the website experience less functional, but you should not affect its operation.


Security: We use security cookies to authenticate users, prevent fraudulent use of login credentials and protect user data against unauthorized third parties.


Processes: Process cookies allow the operation of the website and offer services expected by the user who accesses the website such as browsing web pages or accessing secure areas of the website. Without these cookies, the website cannot function properly.


Advertising: We use cookies to make advertising more attractive to users and more valuable to publishers and advertisers. Cookies are often used to select ads based on content that is relevant to a user, improve campaign performance reports and avoid showing ads that the user has already seen. Sometimes, a cookie can be enabled in the domain of the site you are visiting. Some of our advertising products allow other companies to send their own cookies to your browser. Publishers and advertisers can work with different technologies and service providers, and each of these parties can enable their own cookies, although these cookies can only be read by the domain that enabled them. This means that several cookies can be sent to your browser through different companies in the time it takes to load a single web page. This is how most online advertising works.



Session Status: Websites often collect information on how users interact with a website. This information may include the pages that users visit most frequently and if users receive error messages from certain pages. We use the so-called “session status cookies” in order to improve our services in order to improve the user browsing experience. If these cookies are blocked or deleted, the website will continue to work. These cookies can also be used to anonymously measure the effectiveness of pay per click (PPC) and affiliate advertising.


Google Analytics: Google Analytics is the analytics tool that helps websites and application owners understand how their visitors interact with their properties. You can use a set of cookies to collect information and report usage statistics of websites without personally identifying Google visitors. More information about Google Analytics cookies and information about privacy



The user may, at any time, choose which cookies he wants to work on this website through:


– Browser settings; for example:

Chrome, from


Explorer, desde http://windows.microsoft.com/es-es/windows7/how-to-manage-cookies-in-internet-explorer-9

Firefox, desde http://support.mozilla.org/es/kb/habilitar-y-deshabilitar-cookies-que-los-sitios-we

Safari, desde http://support.apple.com/kb/ph5042

– Otras herramientas de terceros, disponibles on line, que permiten a los usuarios detectar las cookies en cada sitio web que visita y gestionar su desactivación (por ejemplo, Ghostery: http://www.ghostery.com/privacy-statement, http://www.ghostery.com/faq).